Concept designs and animations for Chappie's POV shots while freelancing at G Creative.

Director Neil Blomkamp and Art Director Gladys Tong wanted Chappie's vision to go in an ultra-low-fi, retro direction - the antithesis of an Iron Man style design. We studied AI object recognition and machine learning to help convey the idea that Chappie was learning and gaining knowledge throughout the film, much like a baby learns shapes and words. 

The eventual final concept that was passed off to Embassy for post.

Before arriving at the retro style of the final concept we experimented with more minimal designs, highlighting objects in the scene to show Chappie scanning his environment. A robot wouldn't need a multitude of text and human-readable data in it's vision, so we chose to design something more foreign to human viewers to convey the fact that Chappie is a machine, not a man in a suit.


Gladys Tong
Paul Beaudry
Shane Jackson